Monday, 18 February 2002

Experience counts for women

David Hands

England 79, Ireland 0

ENGLAND achieved their ambition of a clean sheet in the women's Six Nations at Worcester yesterday against a side still desperately trying to find their feet at this level. But, for all the pleasure in a 13-try performance, there are plenty of areas to work on before the World Cup in May.

The countries do not occupy the same playing field in experience, physique or resources and it showed. Ireland, despite famous names in Rosie Foley (sister of the men's No 8, Anthony) and Rachel Tucker (whose father, Colm, also played for Ireland) are still building. Chris Diver led the rout with four tries. France, on March 1, will be a more demanding test.

SCORERS: England: Tries: Garnett (1min), De Biase (3), Diver 4 (10, 27, 40, 80), Crawford 2 (16, 68), Yapp (37), George 2 (39, 65), Feltham (70), Day (73). Conversions: Frost 6, Rae.

SCORING SEQUENCE (England first): 7-0, 12-0, 17-0, 22-0, 29-0, 36-0, 43-0, 50 0 (half-time), 57-0, 62-0, 67-0, 72-0, 79-0.

ENGLAND: P George (Wasps, captain; rep: E Feltham, Richmond, 66); N Crawford (Worcester), S Day (Wasps), A de Biase (Saracens; rep: S Rudge, Clifton, 51), C Diver (Richmond); S Appleby (Clifton), J Yapp (Worcester; rep: S Rae, Wasps, 68); S Whitehead (Richmond; rep: V Huxford, Wasps, 47), A Garnett (Saracens; rep: A O'Flynn, Waterloo, 31), M Edwards (Richmond), J Sutton (Richmond; rep: G Burns, Waterloo, 61), K Henderson (Clifton), J Phillips (Saracens), H Clayton (Saracens; rep: G Stevens, Clifton, 66), C Frost


IRELAND: S-J Belton (UL Bohemian); S Fleming (Cooke, captain), P Kelly (UL Bohemian; rep: R Tucker, Shannon, 16-20), R Boyd (Cooke), F Neary (Waterloo; rep: L Cantwell, UL Bohemians, 40); N Milne (Worcester), K Eagleson (Cooke; rep: R Howell, UL Bohemians, 64); M Coulter (Blackrock College), E Collins (UL Bohemian; rep: J Longergan, Shannon, 64), E Coen (Highfield; rep: G McAllister, Cooke, 49), M Quirke (UL Bohemian; rep: R Foley, Shannon, 57), A-M McAllister (Blackrock College), R Reid (Cooke; rep: B Montgomery, Rippon, 57), F Steed (Shannon), E Wessell (Richmond).

Referee: S Cortabarria (Spain).

The Times (London, England) (Feb 18, 2002): p32

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