Tuesday, 24 March 1970

1954: Black eye and no beg pardon

The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld.) Monday 20 September 1954 (p1)

Monday, 23 March 1970

1953: Umpire in trouble at university match

The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA), Saturday 15 August 1953 (p4)

1953: Women to play rugby league

Townsville Daily Bulletin (Qld), Saturday 1 August 1953 (p5)

Thursday, 19 March 1970

1949: Having seen the English Women's Cricket Team in action...

Cartoon: Having seen the English Women's Cricket Team in action we've decided that the national game, too, could do with a dash of femininity to make it more attractive - well, attract[ive] to start with, anyway.

[Four scenes depicting women rugby players]

Published in New Zealand Free Lance, 30 Mar 1949

Sunday, 15 March 1970

1945: Historic rugby photo poses perfect mystery

"AKRAD Woman's Rugby Team v The Business Girls Team - 1945" is the only information scribbled on the back of this photo held by the Waihi Arts Centre and Museum.

The photo is waiting to be included in the museum's new computer archive database Past Perfect and the "past perfect" girls are hoping Waihi Leader readers can shed some light on it.

The "past perfect" girls meet once a month; an opportunity for some of Waihi's older identities to attach stories and a background to photos held at the museum - or put stories to the faces in the pictures.

"However, some photos are just beyond the age or memories of all of us and we need more help," says archivist Harriet Taylor.

Anyone with information about the photo, or who would like to join the photo group, can contact Harriet on 863 6063 or by emailing research@waihimuseum.co.nz.