Tuesday, 28 July 1970

1964: The Evening Post (New Zealand)

From National Library of New Zealand:

Hands up all those who noticed the small mistake we made with last week's feature cartoon - ah, so you all did - that's right, we had it upside down, didn't we? And now to contemplate what to do about N.Z. rugby - what's this? Women playing rugby! Might be just what our national game needs - so we'll appoint ourselves sole selector - (not that we think N.Z. needs our services) - it's just that we've always like contemplating women rugby players - (as long as they don't actually play the game)

Nevile Sidney Lodge

[In a series of small scenes the cartoonist who is wearing a hat which is part dunce's cap and part jester's hat, admits to an error in last week's cartoon which was upside down and then contemplates the notion of women playing rugby - Mr cartoonist is happy to see them strut in little shorts but not actually play.]

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